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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long must I wait for the epoxy to cure?

Safe to touch and walking/light traffic       -       24 hours

Move in heavy objects back onto floor       -       48 hours

Park car or operate machinery                     -        72 hours

How does Polyaspartic compare to Epoxy?

Polyaspartic is a derivative of Epoxy that is designed for outdoor use. The faster cure rate and higher UV protection makes it ideal for outdoor projects ( Porches, Pools, etc.). However Epoxy's chemical resistance and compressive strength performs most effectively in commercial environments.

Disclaimer*  "Any advertisements regarding the strength of product eg. ( 2x or 4x stronger ) are claimed by individual contractors and are not verified or attested to by any manufacturer's technical specs or brochures.

How slippery are Epoxy floors and how do you fix that?

The protective barrier created by the Epoxy also creates a smooth surface that when wet can be slippery. To combat this, during application we add aluminum oxide and glass beads that produce an anti-skid surface minimizing slipping hazards.

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