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System: Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is a long lasting easily maintained flooring system commonly found in commercial sectors. Polishing the concrete and application of densifiers and sealers prevents the accumulation of dust from foot traffic and machinery resulting in a clean and safe environment for both staff and consumers alike. 

Concrete Sealer



Polished Surface


Finish Range

Aggregates expose at varying densities and sizes based on the conditions of the concrete and its composition. However these finishes can be met to a degree. 

cream polish 2_edited.jpg

Cream Finish

Class - 1

salt and pepper polish_edited.jpg

Salt and Pepper

Class - 2


Medium Exposure

Class - 3

Polished Concrete_edited.jpg

Heavy Exposure

Class - 4

Concrete Stains

Choose from a variety of top of the line GemTone stains to fit your desired look.

*Appearance of stains may vary based on the condition of the concrete. 

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