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The majority work of any project goes into preparation. To ensure that a floor will last years proper grinding and repair is necessary. If you or your concrete contractor skip this crucial step, your epoxy floor will start to peel or chip in just a few months. Epoxy Floor Coatings takes the time to ensure your floor will look great for years to come. 

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In order to properly prepare a floor the first step is to either grind or shot blast. We use diamond blade grinders or steel pellet shot blasts to prepare the floors surface. These remove the fragile damaged top layer of concrete to leave behind a clean porous surface for the epoxy to adhere to. 


Restoring the integrity of the floor comes through the patching and filling of cracks. We use a combination of Epoxy and Cabosol to fill the cracks and imperfections of a floor prior to coating. 


The coating process requires 1-3 coats of epoxy. These coats include a primer, a base, and a clear coat. Each coat requires a 16-24 hour cure time between each coat. A variety of systems and coats can be applied to the floor from standard epoxy, metallic, quartz, and full broadcast flake.

Our Systems

We offer a wide array of systems for your flooring needs. 


Standard Epoxy is a durable, time tested, and cost effective flooring solution. It is ideal for commercial environments as well as residential spaces. 


Full broadcast polyaspartic floors offer a variety of customizable flake blends that are as beautiful as they are durable. Great for residential spaces in or outside the home.


Metallic floor system is a customizable and aesthetic system that creates unique vibrant pearlescent finishes. This 3-layer system offers endless color and pattern options.

Process in Action
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